Raghunath Temple

Fatthu Chaugan, Pakki Dhaki, Old Heritage City
Jammu and Kashmir, India - 180001

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    Rajeev Kumar Sharma
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    Peter Hessel

The Raghunath Temple, located in the heart of Jammu city in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the most prominent and revered Hindu temples in the region. Dedicated to Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu, the temple complex comprises a series of shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses.

Constructed in the 19th century by Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of the Dogra dynasty, the Raghunath Temple is renowned for its architectural grandeur and religious significance. The main shrine houses idols of Lord Rama, his consort Sita, and his devoted brother Lakshmana, while the surrounding shrines are dedicated to other deities from the Hindu pantheon.

The temple complex attracts devotees and tourists alike who come to seek blessings, offer prayers, and admire the intricate carvings and craftsmanship displayed throughout the complex. The annual Ramnavami festival, which celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, is celebrated with great fervor at the Raghunath Temple, drawing large crowds of devotees from across the region. The temple serves as a cultural and spiritual center for the local community and stands as a symbol of religious harmony and devotion in the region.

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