Beaches are amongst the most visited attractions and tourist hotspots around the world. The warm summer sun, the beautiful blue waters, the vast shoreline extending across miles, and the shady trees by the warm sands have a charm of their own!

Kids particularly love to bubble in the cool waters amidst the whirling waves! While this might sound an alarm for parents, it would indeed be unfair to deprive children from the many joys of the beach. What is important is to let them have fun while you stand guard and follow the safety tips:

1. Do not let kids swim alone

Even if you dislike getting wet in the wavy waters of the beach, never let your kids venture alone into the waters without the supervision of an adult. It is ok to let children play in the sands and waters as you stand by them at all times. Children should never be left alone on the beach at any cost. 

2. Look out for the warning flags

Most beaches around the world have warning flags placed at certain points along the waters to indicate the strength of the currents and waves. Never allow children to go near the flags for a strong current can easily wash even adults away from the shoreline. 

3. Train your kids in advance

Train your kids about the steps to be taken should an unforeseen situation arise. Teach them to stay calm without panicking in case of an accident and wave their hands for help as them swim parallel to the shore. Teach them floating techniques too, for these can prove useful at the time of need. 

4. Protect children from the sun too

Set up an umbrella or a similar shady device to keep children away from the scorching sun. At the beach, the waters and the waves might not be the only threats to children, even the sun can cause dehydration, so keep kids hydrated at all times. Use of sunscreen will prevent sunburn. Hats and sunglasses too can protect the scalp and eyes of the little ones while on the beach. 

5. Floating toys need to be avoided

Floating toys might be great for playing in still waters of the swimming pool but should be avoided while on the beach. Such toys might easily get washed away by the waves, thus posing danger to kids, so avoid use of such toys on the beach waters. 

6. Keep a watch on the weather

Before you head for the beach, observe the local weather and climate to make sure it’s the right time to enjoy at the beach. High tides are to be avoided, for the water currents are stronger, making the beaches dangerous. 

The ocean calls!

The warm beach is definitely the best place to be while on a vacation. Make sure you are constantly by the side of your kids and never let them venture out alone into the waters. This way, you and your children could enjoy the beauty of the beach the best way while staying safe and healthy!