A foreign national visiting India is mandatorily required to possess both an international travel document such as a passport and a valid Visa obtained from an Indian mission abroad. 

The Types of Indian Visa

There are several types of Indian visas, which are issued to applying individuals based on the purpose of their visits to India. 

  • A Tourist Visa is issued to individuals who wish to visit India for tourism or related non-business oriented purposes. A Tourist Visa must be sought by an applicant desirous of visiting India for recreation, casual visits to family and friends, sightseeing, etc. 
  • An Entry Visa is to be obtained by an individual of Indian origin, the children and spouse of a person of Indian origin, as well as the family members of a foreign national who comes to India on a long-term Visa for business, employment, as a student or for a research.
  • If you are visiting India for volunteering work or for charity or work with non-profit organizations, you must apply for an Employment Visa.
  • There are several other types of Visa such as Medical Visa, e-Visa, Conference Visa, Emergency Visa, Diplomatic Visa, etc. 

Process for Application for a Visitor's Visa

The process for application for a visitor’s Visa is a simple one: 

  • You need to apply through the online application link on the website of Indian Visa Online of the Government of India. 
  • You would be required to upload a digital photo on the website to complete the application. The photo should clearly present your face and eyes.
  • Once you submit the online application form successfully, you need to to get a physical copy of the application printed and submitted to the Indian Visa Application Centre after duly signing the same. 
  • The physical application can also be submitted to the Indian Mission on the scheduled interview date together with the required documents and passport.
  • You can refer to the 'Regular Visa Application' section of the website of the Indian Visa services for more information on filling up the application form and obtaining appointment date.
  • You must also regularly visit the website of your Indian Mission for a detailed know-how of the application process and formalities. 

Application Fee for Visa

All applicants for an Indian Visa are entitled to an application fee, which depends on the type of Visa applied for and the duration of the Visa. The application Visa fee can be segregated into multiple classes: the special fee, the basic fee, and the processing fee.

Status of Visa Application

If you wish to enquire the status of your Visa application, you can simply visit the website of Indian Visa Online of the Government of India and enter your application ID and passport number on the ‘Visa Status Enquiry’ section to see the status of your application. 

Processing Time for Indian Visa

Upon receipt of a Visa application, the Indian Mission issues an Indian Visa to the applicant in minimum 3 working days depending on the nationality of the applicant.