Pakke WLS & Tiger Reserve

Itakhola Seijusa Road
Arunachal Pradesh, India - 790103

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3778 200 016
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Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, located in the East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, India, is a biodiversity hotspot renowned for its rich flora and fauna. Established in 1977, the sanctuary covers a diverse range of ecosystems, including tropical and subtropical forests, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, researchers, and nature lovers.

One of the key features of Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary is its efforts towards tiger conservation, leading to its designation as a Tiger Reserve. The sanctuary is known for its population of Bengal tigers, and conservation initiatives aim to protect and preserve this majestic species.

Apart from tigers, Pakke is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, hoolock gibbons, and numerous bird species. The sanctuary is a paradise for birdwatchers, with over 300 species of birds recorded.

Visitors to Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary can engage in wildlife safaris, birdwatching, and nature walks to explore the diverse landscapes. The pristine environment, dense forests, and the Pakke River flowing through the sanctuary contribute to its scenic beauty.

Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve not only provide a unique opportunity to witness the wonders of Arunachal Pradesh's wildlife but also play a crucial role in the conservation of endangered species, making it a significant destination for ecotourism and conservation efforts in the region.

The park does not belong to a single city limit. You will find the exact location of Pakke WLS & Tiger Reserve on the map above. If you need any other information on Pakke WLS & Tiger Reserve that is not listed here, please call 3778 200 016.

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