Bom Jesus Church

Manguerial Road
Daman, DD - 396220

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Bom Jesus Church, located in the heart of Panaji, the capital city of the Indian state of Goa, is a historic and iconic religious landmark. Constructed in the late 16th century, the church is renowned for its stunning Baroque architecture and its significance as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The church is dedicated to the infant Jesus and is one of the oldest churches in Goa. Its exterior is characterized by its whitewashed façade and intricately carved basalt embellishments, while the interior features elaborately gilded altars, ornate woodwork, and beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.

One of the most revered aspects of Bom Jesus Church is the preserved body of St. Francis Xavier, a revered missionary and patron saint of Goa, enshrined in a silver casket within the church. The body is displayed to the public every ten years during the Exposition of the Sacred Relics, attracting thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world.

Apart from its religious significance, Bom Jesus Church also serves as a cultural and architectural marvel, attracting visitors with its timeless beauty and historical importance. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Christianity in Goa and continues to be a place of worship, pilgrimage, and inspiration for believers and visitors alike.

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