Gu Chu Sum Movement Association of Tibet

Jogiwara Road
Dharamshala, HP - 176219

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083519 20680
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The Gu Chu Sum Movement Association of Tibet is a significant organization that plays a vital role in supporting and advocating for Tibetan political prisoners and former political prisoners. It was established by former Tibetan political prisoners in 1991 in Dharamshala, India, with the primary objective of providing assistance and support to Tibetan political prisoners who have been imprisoned or persecuted for their activism for Tibetan freedom and human rights.

The name "Gu Chu Sum" is derived from the Tibetan words "Gu" (nine), "Chu" (hundred), and "Sum" (three), which symbolize the Tibetan calendar. It represents the nine months, one hundred days, and three days that political prisoners typically spend in detention before being released or sentenced.

The association offers various forms of support to former political prisoners, including rehabilitation programs, vocational training, educational opportunities, healthcare assistance, and psychological support to help them reintegrate into society after their release from prison. Additionally, Gu Chu Sum works to raise awareness about the plight of Tibetan political prisoners and campaigns for their release and the promotion of human rights in Tibet.

Gu Chu Sum Movement Association also operates a handicrafts center where former political prisoners can engage in traditional Tibetan arts and crafts as a means of livelihood and empowerment. Through these initiatives, the organization aims to empower Tibetan political prisoners and support them in rebuilding their lives and contributing to the Tibetan community's welfare and preservation of its cultural heritage.

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