Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre

State Highway 57
Digha, WB - 721428

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    Sovon Biswas
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The Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre (MARC) is a prominent marine research and conservation facility located in Digha, West Bengal, India. Established in 1989, MARC is dedicated to the study, conservation, and public education of marine life in the Bay of Bengal and the coastal regions of West Bengal.

MARC houses a diverse collection of marine species native to the Bay of Bengal, including various fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and other marine organisms. The aquarium's exhibits showcase the rich biodiversity of the region's coastal and marine ecosystems, providing visitors with insights into the fascinating world beneath the sea.

One of the main attractions at MARC is its large display tanks, which feature colorful and exotic marine species in naturalistic habitats. Visitors can observe a wide variety of fish, corals, sea anemones, and other marine creatures up close, offering opportunities for education, recreation, and appreciation of marine life.

In addition to its aquarium exhibits, MARC also serves as a research and conservation center, conducting scientific studies on marine biology, ecology, and environmental conservation. The center's research initiatives aim to monitor and protect the marine ecosystems of the Bay of Bengal, as well as to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation among the public.

MARC also plays a crucial role in public education and outreach, offering guided tours, lectures, and educational programs for schools, colleges, and community groups. Visitors to the center can learn about marine conservation issues, sustainable fishing practices, and the importance of preserving coastal habitats for future generations.

Overall, the Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre in Digha serves as a valuable resource for marine research, conservation, and education in West Bengal. Through its exhibits, research initiatives, and public outreach efforts, MARC contributes to the protection and sustainable management of the region's marine resources while fostering a greater appreciation for the beauty and diversity of marine life.

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