Sea Shell Museum

Nagoa Beach Road
Diu, DD - 362570

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The Sea Shell Museum in Diu is a unique attraction showcasing an extensive collection of sea shells from around the world. Located near the Naida Caves, this museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of marine life through a diverse array of shells, mollusks, and other marine artifacts.

The Sea Shell Museum is the brainchild of Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria, who spent decades collecting shells from various coastal regions during his seafaring adventures. His passion for marine biology and love for the sea led him to create this museum, which houses over 2,500 specimens of shells meticulously curated and displayed for public viewing.

Visitors to the museum can marvel at the stunning variety of shells on display, ranging from intricately patterned cowrie shells to rare and exotic specimens such as the giant clam and the nautilus. Each shell is accompanied by informative placards detailing its scientific name, habitat, and unique characteristics, providing insights into the diversity of marine ecosystems.

In addition to its extensive collection of shells, the Sea Shell Museum also features educational exhibits, interactive displays, and audio-visual presentations on marine conservation, biodiversity, and the importance of preserving ocean habitats. Visitors of all ages can learn about the ecological significance of sea shells and their role in marine ecology.

The Sea Shell Museum serves as a valuable resource for marine enthusiasts, researchers, and tourists interested in marine biology and natural history. It offers a memorable and educational experience, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the ocean's treasures while raising awareness about the need for conservation and sustainable management of marine resources.

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