JungleMahal Zoological Park

Jhargram, WB - 721507

Type: Zoos
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JungleMahal Zoological Park is an upcoming zoological park located in the West Midnapore district of West Bengal, India. As of my last update, it was under development and expected to be a significant addition to the region's wildlife conservation and tourism initiatives.

The JungleMahal Zoological Park aims to showcase the rich biodiversity of the region and provide a habitat for various species of animals, birds, and reptiles native to the area. It also aims to promote awareness about wildlife conservation and environmental protection among visitors.

While specific details about the park's attractions and facilities may not be available yet, it is anticipated to feature spacious enclosures, natural habitats, educational exhibits, and recreational amenities for visitors of all ages. Additionally, the park is expected to offer opportunities for wildlife safaris, nature trails, and guided tours, allowing visitors to observe and learn about the region's diverse flora and fauna.

As the development of JungleMahal Zoological Park progresses, more information about its features, opening dates, and visitor experiences may become available through official announcements or local sources. If you're planning to visit the park, it's a good idea to keep an eye on updates from relevant authorities or tourism departments for the latest information.

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