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Unakoti, located near Kailashahar in the North Tripura district of Tripura, India, is a significant archaeological and pilgrimage site known for its ancient rock-cut sculptures and carvings. The name "Unakoti" translates to "one less than a crore," indicating the legend that the site is said to contain one less than a crore (ten million) rock-cut carvings.

The main attraction of Unakoti is the vast collection of rock-cut sculptures and bas-reliefs depicting various Hindu deities, mythological figures, and celestial beings. The most prominent among these is a massive bas-relief of Lord Shiva, known as the "Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava," which stands at a height of around 30 feet (9 meters).

Apart from the central figure of Lord Shiva, Unakoti is also home to numerous other sculptures, including those of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, and other Hindu gods and goddesses. The site is surrounded by lush greenery, scenic waterfalls, and natural rock formations, creating a picturesque and serene atmosphere for visitors.

Unakoti holds great religious significance for Hindus, who consider it to be a sacred pilgrimage site associated with Lord Shiva. According to legend, the sculptures at Unakoti were created by a group of deities who were traveling to Kashi (Varanasi) with Lord Shiva. However, when Lord Shiva instructed them to wake up before sunrise and continue their journey, all but one deity failed to do so, resulting in the unfinished carvings.

Today, Unakoti is not only a place of religious worship but also a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from far and wide who come to admire its ancient sculptures, explore its natural beauty, and soak in the spiritual ambiance. The site is especially crowded during the Hindu festival of Ashokastami when thousands of devotees gather here to offer prayers and seek blessings.

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