Palace Kawardha

Collectorate Road
Kawardha, CG - 491995

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The Palace Kawardha, also known as the Kawardha Palace, is a majestic royal residence located in Kawardha, Chhattisgarh, India. Built in the traditional colonial architectural style, this magnificent palace is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and royal legacy of the region.

Constructed in the early 20th century by Maharaja Dharamraj Singh, the Palace Kawardha served as the royal residence of the ruling family of Kawardha. Set amidst sprawling gardens and lush greenery, the palace boasts grandeur and opulence in its design and décor, featuring ornate carvings, intricate woodwork, and elegant furnishings.

The Palace Kawardha offers visitors a glimpse into the royal lifestyle and heritage of Chhattisgarh, with its well-preserved interiors, royal chambers, and regal halls. Visitors can explore the palace's various rooms, including the Durbar Hall, which was used for royal audiences and ceremonial functions, as well as the royal bedrooms, dining halls, and reception rooms.

In addition to its architectural splendor, the Palace Kawardha also offers luxurious accommodations for guests, allowing visitors to experience the grandeur and hospitality of royal living. The palace has been converted into a heritage hotel, offering modern amenities and services while retaining its old-world charm and regal ambiance.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and tranquil surroundings, the Palace Kawardha provides a serene and enchanting retreat for travelers seeking a unique and memorable experience. Whether exploring its historical significance, admiring its architectural beauty, or indulging in royal hospitality, the Palace Kawardha offers a truly unforgettable journey into the royal past of Chhattisgarh.

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