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Nestled where the verdant embrace of the Deban River meets the whispers of the Mishmi Hills, Miao Museum invites you to unravel the secrets of Arunachal's southeastern tapestry. Imagine ancient artifacts singing of forgotten empires, their weathered surfaces echoing the rhythms of Adi and Tangsa traditions. Picture vibrant textiles unfolding tales of headhunting expeditions and spirit rituals, each thread pulsating with the vibrant spirit of the land. Here, bamboo flutes weave melancholic melodies, each note resonating with the stories of the ancient Mishmi tribe. As you delve deeper, discover ritual masks whispering tales of bygone rituals and intricate wood carvings narrating forgotten myths. Miao Museum isn't just a repository of objects; it's a portal to a vibrant cultural landscape, beckoning you to witness the heart and soul of Arunachal Pradesh come alive within its walls. So, open your senses and your heart, and embark on a journey through time and tradition, where the magic of Miao shimmers in every corner.

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