Tuirial Dam

Mizoram, India
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The Tuirial Dam is a significant hydroelectric dam located on the Tuirial River in Mizoram, India. Completed in December 2017, the Tuirial Dam stands as the first large-scale multipurpose project in Mizoram and has had a transformative impact on the region's economy, infrastructure, and energy sector.

The primary purpose of the Tuirial Dam is hydroelectric power generation. The dam has a total installed capacity of 60 megawatts (MW) and generates clean and renewable electricity by harnessing the power of the Tuirial River's flow. The electricity generated by the dam contributes to Mizoram's energy grid, helping to meet the state's power demand and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

In addition to power generation, the Tuirial Dam also serves other important purposes, including flood control, irrigation, and water supply. The reservoir created by the dam provides a reliable source of water for agricultural irrigation and domestic use, benefiting local communities and enhancing agricultural productivity in the region. Furthermore, the dam helps mitigate the risk of floods downstream by regulating the flow of the Tuirial River during the monsoon season.

The construction of the Tuirial Dam has brought about socio-economic development in Mizoram, creating employment opportunities, improving infrastructure, and stimulating economic growth. The dam has also facilitated the development of tourism in the region, attracting visitors interested in witnessing the impressive engineering feat and enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Overall, the Tuirial Dam represents a significant milestone in Mizoram's journey towards sustainable development and energy independence. It stands as a symbol of progress, innovation, and environmental stewardship, demonstrating the potential of hydropower to meet the energy needs of a growing economy while preserving the natural resources and biodiversity of the region.

The landmark does not belong to a single city limit. You will find the exact location of Tuirial Dam on the map above.

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