Chubi Bridge

Nagaland, India
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  • The Chubi Bailey Bridge
    The Chubi Bailey Bridge
  • Chubi bridge
    Chubi bridge

The Chubi Bridge, also known as Chubi Iron Bridge, is a historic bridge located in Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, India. This iconic bridge holds significant historical and cultural importance for the local community and serves as a vital transportation link in the region.

Constructed during the British colonial period, the Chubi Bridge spans across the Dzukou River, connecting the Kohima town area with the neighboring areas of Khuzama and Jotsoma. The bridge is constructed using iron girders and is supported by concrete pillars, making it a sturdy structure that has withstood the test of time.

The Chubi Bridge played a crucial role during World War II, particularly during the Battle of Kohima in 1944, which was fought between Allied and Japanese forces. The bridge served as a strategic crossing point for military operations and supply routes, making it a key target for both sides during the conflict.

Today, the Chubi Bridge stands as a symbol of resilience and endurance, bearing witness to the historic events and sacrifices of the past. It continues to serve as an essential transportation artery, facilitating the movement of people, goods, and vehicles between different parts of Kohima and beyond.

In addition to its practical utility, the Chubi Bridge also holds cultural significance for the local community, serving as a landmark and meeting point for residents and visitors alike. The bridge offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including lush green hills and the meandering Dzukou River, making it a popular spot for photography and sightseeing.

Overall, the Chubi Bridge is not only a vital infrastructure link but also a cherished symbol of Kohima's history, resilience, and heritage. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the past and the ongoing journey of progress and development in Nagaland's capital city.

The landmark does not belong to a single city limit. You will find the exact location of Chubi Bridge on the map above.

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