Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji

Baba Murad Shah Ji Road
Nakodar, PB - 144040

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  • Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji
    Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji

Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji is a revered religious site located in Nakodar, Punjab, India. It is dedicated to Baba Murad Shah, a Sufi saint whose teachings and spiritual presence have attracted devotees from various walks of life. The Dera, meaning a camp or settlement, has evolved into a significant pilgrimage destination known for its spiritual ambiance and the annual Urs (a commemorative event marking the saint's death anniversary).

Pilgrims and devotees visit Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji seeking solace, spiritual guidance, and blessings. The site features a shrine adorned with intricate architecture, and the atmosphere is charged with devotional fervor during religious gatherings. People from different communities and backgrounds come together to participate in the religious festivities, making it a symbol of communal harmony. The Dera not only serves as a religious hub but also stands as a testament to the cultural and spiritual diversity that defines India.

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