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Port Blair, AN
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Dive into the maritime heritage of the Andaman Islands with a visit to the Fisheries Museum in Port Blair. Situated adjacent to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, this museum stands as a captivating tribute to the region's rich aquatic life and the vibrant fishing culture that sustains the local communities. The Fisheries Museum showcases an extensive array of marine specimens, including rare species of fish, coral, and shells, providing a comprehensive insight into the underwater wonders that surround these islands. Interactive exhibits and informative displays offer a deep understanding of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands' marine ecosystems, making it an educational destination for all ages. From traditional fishing implements to a life-sized replica of a dugout canoe, the museum seamlessly blends history, science, and culture. For those seeking a fascinating journey into the marine world, the Fisheries Museum in Port Blair is a must-visit destination, promising a memorable and insightful experience for marine enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

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