NTR Statue

Pushkara Ghat Road
Rajamahendravaram, AP - 533101

Type: Landmarks
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    Murali Krishna

Picture a bronze god emerging from the shimmering waters of the Godavari River, his celestial smile fixed upon the bustling city of Rajamahendravaram. That's the NTR Statue, a majestic tribute to the former Chief Minister and beloved movie star N.T. Rama Rao. Here, the line between reality and divine blurs, as Rama Rao, clad in the vibrant robes of Lord Krishna, stands serenely atop a lotus pedestal, gazing upon his legacy.

Tourists flock to capture selfies with the towering figure, awed by the intricate details of the bronze work, capturing the twinkle in his eyes and the gentle curve of his smile. Locals offer quiet prayers, seeking blessings from their cinematic hero turned celestial deity. The statue sparks debates, both admiring its grandeur and questioning its divine portrayal. Yet, one thing remains constant – the NTR Statue is an undeniable landmark, a symbol of pride for Rajamahendravaram, and a canvas for memories painted against the backdrop of the ever-flowing Godavari.

So, come stand beneath the watchful gaze of this bronze god, feel the river breeze rustle through the air, and experience the unique blend of devotion, artistry, and political legacy that defines the NTR Statue in Rajamahendravaram.

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