White Tiger Safari in Mukundpur

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The White Tiger Safari in Mukundpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, is a unique wildlife sanctuary dedicated to conserving and breeding the majestic white Bengal tiger. Established in 2016, the safari aims to provide a safe and natural habitat for these rare and endangered big cats, allowing visitors to observe them up close in their native environment.

Spanning over an area of approximately 25 hectares, the White Tiger Safari is home to several white Bengal tigers renowned for their striking white fur and captivating presence. The sanctuary features large enclosures with natural vegetation, water bodies, and rocky outcrops, providing the tigers with ample space to roam and exhibit their natural behaviors.

Visitors to the White Tiger Safari can embark on guided safaris through the sanctuary, where they can observe the tigers from specially designed safari vehicles or elevated viewing platforms. The safaris offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the behavior, biology, and conservation efforts of these magnificent creatures from knowledgeable guides.

In addition to the white Bengal tigers, the safari is also home to other species of wildlife, including leopards, deer, antelopes, and various species of birds and reptiles. The sanctuary is committed to wildlife conservation and education, organizing multiple programs and initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats.

Overall, the White Tiger Safari in Mukundpur offers visitors a unique and unforgettable wildlife experience, allowing them to connect with nature and witness the beauty and majesty of the rare white Bengal tiger in its natural habitat. It is a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers visiting Madhya Pradesh.

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Opening Hours Sunday to Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Entry Fees Adult(For Local): ₹20.00/-
Child(For Local): ₹10.00/-
Adult(Foreign): ₹40.00/-
Child(Foreign): ₹20.00/-
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