Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church

Laitumkhrah Main Road
Shillong, ML - 793003

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    Banshanbor Kharpuri
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  • Roby Thankachan
    Roby Thankachan

The Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church, located in the Laitumkhrah area of Shillong, Meghalaya, is a prominent landmark and a cherished place of worship for the Presbyterian community in the region. Established during the British colonial period, the church holds historical significance and architectural beauty, reflecting the rich cultural and religious heritage of Meghalaya.

The Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church features distinctive architectural elements, including a steeple, arched windows, and a spacious prayer hall adorned with wooden pews and religious artwork. Its imposing façade and serene ambiance make it a striking sight amidst the urban landscape of Shillong.

As a center of worship and spiritual nourishment, the Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church hosts regular Sunday services, prayer meetings, and religious gatherings for its congregation. It also plays an active role in community outreach and social welfare initiatives, providing support and assistance to those in need within the local community.

In addition to its religious activities, the Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church is a cultural and educational center, offering programs and activities aimed at promoting moral values, social justice, and community development. It serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the Presbyterian community and a symbol of faith and unity in the city of Shillong.

Visitors to the Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church are welcomed with warmth and hospitality, inviting them to experience the tranquility and spiritual grace of the church's surroundings. Whether you're a devout Presbyterian, a curious traveler exploring Shillong's religious landmarks, or simply seeking a moment of quiet reflection, the Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church offers a serene and enriching sanctuary for all who wish to visit.

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