Ali Masjid

Eidgah Park
Srinagar, JK - 191112

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  • Moosa Abbas Mir
    Moosa Abbas Mir
  • Zahid altaf
    Zahid altaf
  • Kafeel Zargar
    Kafeel Zargar
  • Irshad Amin Bhat
    Irshad Amin Bhat
  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan
  • Zahid altaf
    Zahid altaf
  • Zahid altaf
    Zahid altaf

Ali Masjid, located in the Khyber Pass in the Khyber Agency of Pakistan, is a historic mosque with significant cultural and strategic importance. Situated at the confluence of the Khyber and Kabul rivers, Ali Masjid is renowned for its strategic location as a key passageway between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The mosque's name "Ali Masjid" is derived from a legend that associates it with Hazrat Ali (RA), the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). According to the legend, Hazrat Ali (RA) struck a rock with his sword, creating a spring of water that still flows near the mosque. This event is commemorated by a white marble slab inside the mosque.

Ali Masjid has witnessed numerous historical events and conflicts over the centuries due to its strategic location along the historic trade routes of the Silk Road. Today, it continues to be a significant landmark in the region, attracting visitors interested in its rich history and cultural heritage. However, due to its location in a sensitive border region, access to Ali Masjid may be restricted, and travelers are advised to check local security conditions before planning a visit.

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