Sr. Kamaraja Childrens Park

Yanam, PY - 533464

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Calling all fun-seekers! In the heart of Yanam, East Godavari, lies the vibrant Sr. Kamaraja Children's Park, a haven for laughter, adventure, and endless entertainment for kids of all ages. This landscaped wonderland promises a day packed with thrills, giggles, and precious memories.

Imagine your little ones soaring down slides, conquering climbing frames, and giggling with glee on merry-go-rounds. The park boasts a diverse range of equipment, catering to every level of energy and imagination. Picture swings swaying gently in the breeze, seesaws soaring skyward, and bouncy castles erupting in colorful chaos. There's even a dedicated toddler area for the tiniest explorers to safely discover their playful adventures.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Sr. Kamaraja Children's Park caters to the whole family. Parents can relax under shady trees while keeping an eye on the mini-adventures, or join in the laughter on family-friendly swings and rides. Pack a picnic and enjoy a delightful feast surrounded by playful energy, or grab a snack from nearby vendors for a convenient refuel.

More than just a playground, this park offers a breath of fresh air amidst the urban bustle. Lush greenery and vibrant blooms create a serene oasis, perfect for escaping the city's heat and noise. Take a stroll along winding paths, breathe in the clean air, and watch the colorful world unfold around you.

So, come on down to Sr. Kamaraja Children's Park! It's the perfect destination for birthday parties, family outings, or simply a day of carefree fun. Let your inner child out, create lasting memories, and experience the joy of a day spent laughing, playing, and living the dream in this enchanting playground paradise.


  • Diverse play equipment for all ages
  • Dedicated toddler area
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Lush greenery and scenic beauty
  • Perfect for picnics and gatherings

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