The Calico Museum of Textiles

opp. Underbridge
Ahmedabad, GJ - 380004

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  • Calico Museum of Textiles
    Calico Museum of Textiles
  • The Calico Museum of Textiles
    The Calico Museum of Textiles
  • Calico Museum of Textiles
    Calico Museum of Textiles
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    Arup Das
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    Billu Master

The Calico Museum of Textiles, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is one of the most prestigious institutions dedicated to the preservation and promotion of India's rich textile heritage. Established in 1949 by the industrialist Gautam Sarabhai and his sister Gira Sarabhai, the museum is housed in the historic Sarabhai Foundation building, which was once the ancestral home of the Sarabhai family.

The museum's extensive collection showcases a diverse range of textiles from across India, dating back to the 15th century and spanning various regions, cultures, and techniques. Visitors to the Calico Museum can marvel at exquisite textiles, including hand-woven saris, shawls, carpets, tapestries, and embroideries, as well as rare specimens of ancient fabrics, dyeing techniques, and weaving traditions.

One of the highlights of the Calico Museum is its collection of antique Indian textiles, which includes masterpieces such as the renowned Mughal and Kashmiri shawls, Gujarati patola saris, Kalamkari textiles from Andhra Pradesh, and Pichwai paintings from Rajasthan. The museum also houses a comprehensive library and research center, offering resources for scholars, students, and textile enthusiasts interested in Indian textile history and craftsmanship.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Calico Museum organizes special exhibitions, educational programs, and workshops to promote awareness and appreciation of India's textile heritage. The museum's serene ambiance, landscaped gardens, and traditional architecture provide a tranquil setting for visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and intricacy of Indian textiles.

The Calico Museum of Textiles is not only a repository of India's textile treasures but also a testament to the country's rich cultural diversity and artistic legacy. It serves as a valuable resource for scholars, designers, and textile enthusiasts from around the world, preserving and celebrating India's vibrant textile traditions for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

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