Bheloghat Waterfall

Assam, India - 782441
Type: Waterfalls
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  • Iftikhar Siddique
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Bheloghat Waterfall, also known as Pak’longkam, is a magnificent natural wonder located in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam, India. Here are some fascinating details about this enchanting waterfall:

  • Size and Significance:
  1. Bheloghat Waterfall is renowned as the largest waterfall in Karbi Anglong.
  2. What sets it apart is that it flows continuously throughout the year, making it an ever-present spectacle.
  • Location and Accessibility:
  1. The waterfall is situated near Belurghat in the Karbi Anglong region.
  2. To reach Bheloghat, visitors can embark on a hiking adventure along a rugged dirt road, adding to the thrill of the journey.
  • Natural Beauty and Picnic Spot:
  1. Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic landscapes, Bheloghat offers a serene escape.
  2. Below the waterfall, there’s a picnic area where visitors can relax and enjoy the natural splendor.
  • Clean and Well-Maintained:
  1. Despite its popularity, the village residents take excellent care of the environment.
  2. Bheloghat remains remarkably clean and inviting.
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Interesting Fact: Bheloghat Waterfall is a year-round marvel, beckoning hikers, adventurers, and nature enthusiasts. Add this stunning location to your bucket list for a memorable experience!

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