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  • Sandish Compound
    Sandish Compound

Sandish Compound, also known as Sandy’s Compound, is a 30-year-old sports complex located in Bhagalpur City, Bihar. Situated opposite the police line in Bhagalpur, this compound offers a variety of recreational facilities and serves as a hub for sports enthusiasts:

  • Facilities:
  • Doordarshan TV Centre: The compound houses a Doordarshan television center.
  • Volleyball Court: Visitors can enjoy volleyball matches in a dedicated court.
  • Small Open Stadium: The stadium provides space for various sports and events.
  • State-Level Matches: Sandish Compound hosts state-level matches, making it an important sporting venue in Bhagalpur.
  • Historical Context:
  • Originally named after a Briton who served as the Mayor of Bhagalpur, the compound covers approximately 307 bighas, 15 katas, and 14 chicks of land.
  • Acquired by the government for public purposes, it has evolved over the years to include additional amenities.
  • Notable features now include a swimming pool, cafeteria, Nehru memorial, tennis court, badminton court, football ground, butterfly zone, and an open-air theater (OAT).
  • Monuments within the compound add to its historical significance.
  • Cricket Ground:
  • Sandy’s Compound Enclosure also serves as a cricket ground.
  • It hosted a first-class cricket match when the Bihar cricket team played against the Assam cricket team in the 1981/82 Ranji Trophy. Bihar emerged victorious in that match by an innings and 2 runs.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply seeking a place to unwind, Sandish Compound offers a blend of history, recreation, and community spirit.

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