Burail fort

SCF - 34
Chandigarh, CH - 160047

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  • Burail Fort
    Burail Fort

Burail Fort, situated in present Sector 45 of Chandigarh, India, has a fascinating history. Let’s delve into its intriguing past:

  • Mughal Origins: The fort was constructed during the Mughal period and remained under the control of the Mughal Faujdar until 1712 CE.
  • Historical Significance: Burial Fort witnessed significant events during its existence. The Mughal Faujdar, known for his harsh rule, faced public discontent. His practice of keeping newly married women with him before sending them to their husbands led to widespread complaints.
  • Khalsa Army’s Intervention: In response to the grievances, Banda Singh Bahadur dispatched the Khalsa Army. They captured the fort and put an end to the Faujdar’s oppressive reign.
  • Pillars and Ruins: The fort’s remnants include pillars on the northeast, northwest, and southwest sides. These weathered structures stand as silent witnesses to its tumultuous past.

The Burail Fort, with its historical echoes, adds to the rich tapestry of Chandigarh’s heritage.

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