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Chandigarh is a union territory which serves as the capital of Punjab and Haryana. Known the world over as an extremely well-planned city, Chandigarh was designed by Le Corbusier- the celebrated Swiss-French architect. The city derives its name from the temple 'Chandi Mandir' which is a hot tourist destination.

The city is known for its planning and is rightly called 'The City Beautiful'. The city, one of the cleanest Indian cities, has been divided into sectors; interestingly, there’s no sector 13th since the number is considered inauspicious! Not to missed are the sunset and sunrise at the Sukhna Lake!

Sukhna Lake is an artificial water body, a popular tourist place in the city. You could enjoy boating in the serene waters. The Rock Garden was constructed by the celebrated artist Nekchand; it is constructed out of recycled waste material such as broken bangles, glass, ceramics, etc. The Rock Garden comprises of sculptures of humans, animals, and beautiful waterfalls! The Pinjore Gardens are Mughal era gardens constructed in seven levels. There are beautiful palaces, lawns, zoo, and not to forget- the beautiful fountains! A water channel runs right through the center of the gardens and delights visitors. The Art Gallery & Government Museum is a museum of Natural History constructed by Chandigarh’s architect Le Corbusier. It also houses the miniature paintings of the Pahari school of Art.

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