International Dolls Museum

Udyog Path
Chandigarh, CH - 160023

Type: Arts Museums
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  • Gaurav Jindal
    Gaurav Jindal

The International Dolls Museum, located in Chandigarh, India, is a unique museum showcasing a diverse collection of dolls from around the world. Established in 1985, the museum is housed in Bal Bhawan, Sector 23-B, and is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and understanding through the art of doll-making.

The museum features thousands of dolls representing different countries, cultures, and traditions, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the rich diversity of global cultures. The dolls are displayed in thematic exhibits, arranged according to geographical regions, historical periods, and traditional costumes, allowing visitors to explore the unique characteristics and customs of each culture.

In addition to its international collection, the International Dolls Museum also showcases dolls dressed in traditional attire from various states of India, highlighting the country's cultural heritage and diversity. Visitors can admire intricate costumes, jewelry, and accessories that reflect the unique identity of each region.

The museum serves as an educational resource for schools, researchers, and cultural enthusiasts, providing insights into the customs, traditions, and lifestyles of people from different parts of the world. It also hosts workshops, lectures, and cultural programs aimed at promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Overall, the International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh is a treasure trove of cultural artifacts and a testament to the universal appeal of dolls as symbols of heritage, identity, and creativity. It offers a delightful and enriching experience for visitors of all ages, fostering a sense of curiosity, empathy, and respect for diverse cultures and traditions.

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Museum Info

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Opening Hours Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm 
Monday: Closed
Ticket Fees Adults: Rs. 10.00 
Children: Free 
Camera Fee: Rs. 5.00

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