Kakolat Waterfall

Ektara, BR - 805125
Type: Waterfalls
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Kakolat Waterfall, located in Nawada, Bihar, India, is a mesmerizing natural wonder that draws numerous tourists each year. Here’s what you need to know about this scenic destination:

  • Overview:
  • The waterfall descends from a height of approximately 160 feet, creating a captivating spectacle.
  • Nestled on Kakolat Hill, the surrounding landscape is adorned with breathtaking views.
  • The water from this spring remains cool even during the scorching summer months, making it an ideal spot for a refreshing dip.
  • Legend and Belief:
  • A fascinating legend is associated with the Kakolat Waterfall. According to local lore:
  • During the Treta Yuga, the king was cursed by a sage to transform into a dragon and reside near the waterfall.
  • After encountering the Pandavas, the king was liberated from the curse.
  • Bathing in the waterfall is believed to prevent rebirth as a snake.
  • Location and Accessibility:
  • Kakolat Waterfall is approximately 43 kilometers from the Nawada Bus Stand via Fathepur More, Akbarpur Block on NH 31.
  • The picturesque surroundings and the natural reservoir at the base of the falls make it a must-visit destination.

Next time you’re in Nawada, immerse yourself in the beauty of Kakolat Waterfall—a serene escape amidst nature’s bounty.

Besides this waterfall, there is one more waterfall listed in Ektara. You will find the exact location of Kakolat Waterfall on the map above. If you need any other information on Kakolat Waterfall that is not listed here, please call 081024 46040.

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