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The Folklore Museum in Mysuru (Mysore), Karnataka, India, is a cultural institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of Karnataka's folk traditions and indigenous art forms. Established in 1968 by the University of Mysore, the museum is situated within the picturesque campus of the university and serves as a repository of Karnataka's diverse cultural heritage.

The Folklore Museum houses a remarkable collection of artifacts, artifacts, and exhibits representing various aspects of Karnataka's folk culture, including traditional arts, crafts, music, dance, rituals, and lifestyles of different communities across the state. Visitors to the museum can explore galleries displaying a wide range of items such as traditional costumes, jewelry, masks, puppets, musical instruments, household utensils, and religious artifacts.

One of the highlights of the Folklore Museum is its extensive collection of folk art and crafts, which showcases the intricate craftsmanship and artistic expressions of Karnataka's rural artisans and folk artists. The museum's exhibits offer insights into the unique traditions, customs, and beliefs of Karnataka's diverse communities, providing visitors with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the state's cultural heritage.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Folklore Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, cultural performances, workshops, and educational programs aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation for Karnataka's folk traditions. These activities help to preserve and promote Karnataka's rich cultural heritage while also fostering dialogue and exchange between different communities and generations.

Overall, the Folklore Museum in Mysuru is a treasure trove of Karnataka's folk heritage, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the vibrant and diverse cultural tapestry of the state. It serves as an important cultural institution and educational resource, enriching the lives of visitors and contributing to the preservation and promotion of Karnataka's folk traditions for future generations.

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