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The state of Karnataka is located in India’s southwestern region. Originally called the 'State of Mysore', the state was founded in 1956 and has Bengaluru city as its capital.  Krishna and Kaveri are the two principal rivers of the state. 'Kannada' is the official language of the state and has been in use for thousands of years.

Indian Classical Music is broadly divided into two forms: the Hindustani Music and the Carnatic Music. Karnataka is the birthplace of Carnatic Music. The Western Ghats are an important geographical landmark in the state which houses as many as 25 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 national parks! The Bannerghatta National Park, the Bandipur National Park, and the Nagarhole National Park are important tourist destinations.

Hampi is an ancient wonder. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is known for its ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire - one of South India's most powerful ruling dynasties. The Cave temples of Badami represent the Badami-Chalukyan style of architecture and are famous the world over. The Hoysala temples of Somnathpur, Belur, and Halebid are a wonder carved in soapstone! The monolithic statue of Gomteshwar Bahubali in Shravanabelagola is the tallest sculpted monolith in the world! The Jog Falls are India's tallest waterfalls - a spectacular natural wonder that mesmerizes visitors!

There are over 300 tourist attractions in Karnataka. This is 7% of all tourist attractions listed in India. Top cities in Karnataka with popular tourist destinations are Bengaluru, Mysuru, Bandipur, Dandeli and Jog Falls. The major types of tourist attractions listed here are nature attractions and zoos. Then there is also museums listed in Karnataka. You may find a list of all categories of Karnataka attractions on this page. Click on a category to find all attractions of Karnataka of that type.

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