Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts

Panjim, GA - 403001

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Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts, located in Altinho, Panaji, is a vibrant cultural institution dedicated to promoting contemporary art and creative expression in Goa. Established in 2009 by the Dattaraj V. Salgaocar family, Sunaparanta aims to provide a platform for artists, writers, musicians, and other creative professionals to showcase their work, engage with the community, and foster cultural exchange and dialogue.

One of the main attractions of Sunaparanta is its diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, performances, and cultural events that showcase the work of emerging and established artists from Goa, India, and around the world. The center's galleries feature rotating exhibitions of contemporary art in various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video art, and installation, offering visitors a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic art scene in Goa.

In addition to its exhibition spaces, Sunaparanta also hosts a range of educational programs, residencies, and outreach activities aimed at promoting artistic literacy and creativity among people of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors to the center can participate in art workshops, artist talks, film screenings, book readings, and other cultural events that encourage exploration, experimentation, and dialogue.

The architecture and design of Sunaparanta reflect its commitment to fostering creativity and community engagement. The center is housed in a beautifully restored colonial-era mansion surrounded by lush gardens and courtyards, providing a tranquil and inspiring setting for artistic expression and cultural exchange.

Overall, Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts, serves as a vibrant hub for the arts in Goa, offering a dynamic and inclusive space where artists and art enthusiasts can come together to explore, create, and celebrate the power of creativity to enrich lives and transform communities. Whether it's experiencing cutting-edge contemporary art, participating in a workshop, or simply enjoying the serene surroundings, a visit to Sunaparanta promises to be a stimulating and enriching cultural experience.

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