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Goa is a beautiful state located in Western India. A Portuguese colony until 1961, Goa is the 25th state of India. The first that comes to mind with the mention of the word 'Goa' has to be the region's beautiful beaches and Churches! Goa is India’s smallest state and also one of the most beautiful ones!

Goa is famous for its 17th century Portuguese Churches, tranquil beaches and the Feni, the exquisite spirit produced in Goa from cashews and toddy palm! The Goa beaches are a delight for travelers seeking respite from India's scorching summers. Also famous are the state's numerous casinos where there's no looking back if luck smiles upon you!

Fort Aguada and its beautiful lighthouse are built in the Portuguese style of architecture. The site witnesses the confluence of the Mandovi river with the Arabian Sea, offering panoramic views of the natural wonder! The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier. Dudhsagar Falls are situated on the Mandovi river; these magnificent falls provide a mesmerizing sight, thanks to their milky waters! If you wish to experience solitude at its very best, there's no better place than Goa's beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Goa include the Arambol Beach, Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Chapora Beach, etc. 

There are around 100 tourist attractions in Goa. This is 2% of all tourist attractions listed in India. Top cities in Goa with popular tourist destinations are Sonaulim, Usgao-Ganjem VP, Bardez, Agonda and Mandrem. The major types of tourist attractions listed here are nature attractions and landmarks. Then there is also museums listed in Goa. You may find a list of all categories of Goa attractions on this page. Click on a category to find all attractions of Goa of that type.

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