Kishkinda Water Park

Kishkinda Heritage Resort
Sanapur, KA - 583234

Type: Water Parks
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  • Subramanya KS
    Subramanya KS
  • Kiran Benakatti
    Kiran Benakatti
  • Kishkinda Water Park, Anegundi - Karnataka
    Kishkinda Water Park, Anegundi - Karnataka
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    Siddharth Joshi
  • Mollick Samsubbin
    Mollick Samsubbin
  • Kishkinda Water Park, Anegundi - Karnataka
    Kishkinda Water Park, Anegundi - Karnataka

Kishkinda Water Park is a popular recreational destination located in Anegundi, Karnataka, India. Situated near the historic town of Hampi, Kishkinda Water Park offers visitors a refreshing escape from the heat of the region with its array of water-based attractions and facilities.

The water park is named after the mythical kingdom of Kishkindha, which is believed to be the abode of Lord Hanuman according to Hindu mythology. The park's theme is inspired by the ancient epic Ramayana, with various water slides, pools, and features designed to resemble elements from the story.

Kishkinda Water Park boasts a variety of water slides, including thrilling rides for adrenaline seekers and gentle slides suitable for families and children. Visitors can enjoy splashing around in the pools, drifting along lazy rivers, and relaxing in the sun on the park's landscaped grounds.

In addition to its water attractions, Kishkinda Water Park offers amenities such as changing rooms, locker facilities, food stalls, and seating areas, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors. The park also organizes special events, festivals, and entertainment programs during peak seasons to enhance the overall experience for guests.

Overall, Kishkinda Water Park provides a fun-filled day out for families, friends, and travelers exploring the Hampi-Anegundi region. Whether it's cooling off in the water, enjoying thrilling rides, or simply relaxing in the scenic surroundings, the water park offers something for everyone to enjoy amidst the historical and natural beauty of Karnataka.

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Opening Hours Sunday to Saturday: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Entry Fees Adults: ₹750/-

Childs: ₹550/-
(5-10 yrs)
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