Kollamkode Palace

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  • Shijith Pulikkal
    Shijith Pulikkal
  • Shijith Pulikkal
    Shijith Pulikkal

Kollamkode Palace, also known as Kollamkode Kovilakam, is a historic palace located in Kottayam district, Kerala, India. Situated in the village of Changanassery, this palace holds immense cultural and architectural significance in the region.

Built-in the traditional architectural style of Kerala, the Kollamkode Palace showcases exquisite woodwork, intricate carvings, and sloping roofs characteristic of the region's architecture. The palace served as the ancestral home of the Kollamkode royal family, who were prominent feudal lords in the area during the pre-colonial and colonial periods.

Today, the Kollamkode Palace stands as a testament to Kerala's rich cultural heritage and history. While it is primarily a private residence, the palace occasionally opens its doors to visitors, allowing them to marvel at its architectural splendor and learn about the royal family's legacy.

The palace complex also includes lush gardens, courtyards, and ponds, adding to its charm and providing visitors with a serene ambiance. Surrounding the palace are sprawling estates and coconut groves, further enhancing the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

While the Kollamkode Palace may not be open to the public regularly like some other heritage sites, its historical significance and architectural beauty make it a noteworthy attraction for those interested in Kerala's royal history and traditional architecture. If you plan to visit, it's advisable to inquire locally about any opportunities for guided tours or special openings.

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