Eco Park

Ground Floor Paatliputra
Patna, BR - 800001

Type: Parks
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Eco Park is a generic name used for various eco-friendly parks and nature reserves across India. These parks are typically designed to promote environmental conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable practices while providing recreational opportunities for visitors.

One notable Eco Park is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, known as "New Town Eco Park" or "Prakriti Tirtha." This expansive urban park spans over 480 acres and features a diverse range of attractions, including themed gardens, water bodies, ecological zones, and recreational facilities. The park aims to create awareness about environmental issues and showcase sustainable landscaping practices while offering visitors a tranquil escape amidst nature.

Other cities across India also have their versions of Eco Parks, each with its unique features and offerings tailored to local environments and community needs. These parks typically include walking trails, green spaces, birdwatching areas, nature interpretation centers, and sometimes adventure activities like zip-lining or boating.

If you have a specific Eco Park in mind or if you're referring to a particular location, please provide more details, and I can offer more information accordingly.

Besides this park, there are eighteen more parks listed in Patna. There's also twenty-four attractions listed in this city in other categories. You will find the exact location of Eco Park on the map above.

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