• Taj Mahal One of world's seven wonders. A must see! (Photo: Solaris Girl)
  • Ellora Caves One of the wonders of ancient India. (Photo: S Rajagopalan)
  • Kanha National Park One of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia. (Photo: Sen)
  • Palolem Beach A perfect destination in Goa. (Photo: P Sturesson)
  • Virupaksha Temple An ancient temple in Kerala. (Photo: Hakri's)
  • Ajanta Caves Magnificent rock-cut caves from 2th century BC. (Photo: S Rajagopalan)
  • Red Fort The famous fort in Delhi
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Tourist Places in India

India, the incredible land is a paradise for a traveler who wishes to tread the unbeaten path. There is so much to explore in incredible India! It doesn't matter if you are interested in wildlife, ancient temples, forts, and palaces, or the colorful culture of the several thousands of years old civilization - there is something for everyone in India!

The Indian tourism industry has seen a steady growth and supports about 9.3% of the total employment in the country. Come, witness the divine land, waiting to be discovered!

Find the most popular tourist places in India from all top destinations. There's around 5,000 tourist attractions in various cities of India. The major states in India with top travel destinations are Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Kerala. And the major cities are New Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

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